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Tips and Advice for Kayaking in Lake Powell Arizona

Tips and Advice for Kayaking in Lake Powell Arizona

In May of 2017, Kris and I visited Arizona and kayaked around Lake Powell. We were part of the 8 or 10 people in a tour group and spent about 2 hours rowing around the lake. Here are some tips and advice to consider if you plan on visiting the place and kayaking in Lake Powell.

Items to Pack

Waterproof bag: You will need this to put your belongings such as a phone or jacket in the bag so they won’t get wet.

Water: Kayaking around for 2 hours might get you dehydrated. Once you take off and start rowing, there is no turning back. So before you regret, make sure you pack a bottle or two of water.

Camera: You probably won’t need this if you have a phone that takes nice pictures.

Sunglasses: Protect your eyes from the sun!

Sunscreen: Similar to sunglasses protecting your eyes, you must protect your skin from the sun with sunscreen.

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